Hand Rolled Cigars



JDV Cigars Are Hand Rolled And Blended To Perfection The most basic method of categorizing cigars is by the method in which they are made. Cigars are either rolled by hand, or manufactured by machines.The novice smoker may be tempted to start by trying those machine made brands but, the aspiring connoisseur should consider trying hand rolled cigars. Once you have tasted the difference, it will be hard to go back to smoking machine made cigars again.
All of our hand rolled cigars are made with a premium Dominican tobacco,and all three fillers are made from 100% tobacco.

All of our cigars are made mild to medium-body. We can make them medium body to full-body when they are special ordered. The Especial and Exclusive are special order. They may be done mild, medium, full or mild to medium-body.


Filler – 3 – Blend /Dominican Republic/ Nicaraguahand rolled cigars tampa fl

Wrapper – Ecuador Connecticut – Natural

Wrapper – Ecuador – Maduro

1 Cigar $5.00 each

3 up to 9 Cigars $4.00 each

10 or more Cigars $3.50 each
Shipping Costs: *Shipping Based On Continental United States*

1 to 24 cigars: $8.00 to $10.00 through post office

25 or more cigars: No shipping cost


These cigars are stocked Natural:

Corona 38 x 6 ½ (Special Order in Maduro)

Mareva 42 x 5

Lancero 38 x 5 ½

Double Corona 50 x 7 ½  (Special Order in Maduro)

Especial JDV 60 x 6 ½       (Special Order in Maduro)

Robusto 50 x 5

Double Robusto 54 x 6 ½

Double Corona 50 x 7 ½

Churchhill 48 x 7

Torpedo 52 x 6 ½

Especial JDV 60 x 6 ½


If you have questions or would like to place an order please give us a call.